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Resort Maldives

Expanses of beaches of very fine sand, green coconut palms, an emerald sea, pristine coral reefs, where you can swim among exotic fish, but also among turtles, whale sharks and starfish, which are particularly colorful here. The magic of these islands pervades every moment of the day: from romantic sunsets to breathtaking sunrises, not to mention the nights illuminated by the spectacle of myriads of stars.

NAKAI Alimathà

The word Alimathà originally meant “woman’s face”. The island, seen from above, today has a shape that reminds of a heart, and has a beach of fine white sand that goes soaking into the sea of the Maldives. It is surrounded by a beautiful and colorful coral reef inhabited by hundreds of species of fish. Alimathà is the perfect combination of relaxation on a beach with white sand and physical activity, from scuba diving to dozens of sports activities that can be played on the island.

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NAKAI Dhiggiri

Dhiggiri is an island of about three hectares located in the quiet and fascinating Vaavu atoll, which is 20 minutes by seaplane and 90 minutes by speed boat north of Male. It can be considered a “niche” atoll that only the great enthusiasts of the Maldives know well for the splendid points of immersion and for its distinctive naturalistic note. Its low population density and the consequent small number of human settlements, make its astounding natural landscapes, able to conquer the eyes and the heart of those who cross it.

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NAKAI Maayafushi

Located in the northern part of the Ari Atoll, Maayafushi embodies all the features that make this small space of Maldives unique: from the wild nature of the vegetation to the seabed inhabited by the most diverse species of fish. Crystal clear waters and pristine beaches frame the resort, which with its accommodations is able to offer every kind of comfort to travelers. The island, with its famous dive sites, is a favorite destination for divers from all over the world, from the most experienced to those who want to dive for the first time in these dreamy depths.

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